For whatever change you’re hoping for, through Online Therapies, your coach will guide you through a process that will unlock remarkable opportunities. Together with your coach, you will identify what has been holding you back, what matters most to you, and how to make forward traction easier.

As someone who is committed to your own growth, you will likely be open to new perspectives and ready to fast track your skills, career or life. You are likely ready for things to be different, and whether or not you know exactly how, with Online Therapies, you will find the coach that will be best suited to guide, support, teach and challenge you to open up new doors.

Through Online Therapies, your potential coaches offer unique top life coaching, career coaching and executive coaching services, all of which are tailored around you.

Without the best and most expert help, coaching can be no more than a slant on counselling. That is why the coaches that Online Therapies works with are forward thinking, full of tools, challenging and flexible. We believe these are the core foundations for effective coaching which is why we’ve gone to great lengths to work with only those coaches who we know would be the best for people’s long term success.

The coaches that Online Therapies work with are always professionally minded and able to adapt. This means that no matter how unique or challenging you believed your problem to be, your coach will guide you through to a place and mindset you may not have believed that you could unlock. The Online Therapies mindset is always personalized, because every person has a different background, life and career experience, paradigms, challenges and goals.

Career Coaching

Regardless if you live in central London or a small village in the highlands of Scotland, you don’t get paid what you want, you get paid what someone else is willing to give you. In economic terms, you are paid your ‘perceived’ value. Whatever is getting in your way from earning more, you have control over enough aspects of your life and career that career and finance promoting changes are within reach.

Making traction towards your career and financial goals demand adaptation and working smart. Any change can challenge life as responsibilities increase regardless of whether you love or hate your work. How can you stay on top, physically and mentally?

With Online Therapies, an experienced life and career coach will be instrumental to the process as you’re guided towards overcoming your professional challenges, growing in psychological and technical readiness and tact. Your passions, the things you love doing are even more instrumental for you in stepping towards what you long for.

Executive Coaching

Many people in leadership positions have said that they feel like an imposter in such an important role, as if leadership were a place reserved only for the special amongst us. In reality, leadership is a possibility for many of us and the changes needed to go from sheep to shephard are often no more than a series of small changes plus the element of practice and time. The UK’s executives are not alone in facing ever increasingly competitive markets with an equally competent competition. Now, Executive Coaching serves as an unprecedented game changer for those willing to gain an edge in work and life.

Would you like to improve your time management? Communication? Emotional resilience? Career and Executive Coaching through Online Therapies will enable you to grow us a leader and thinker. Executive Coaching will help you to find balance, confidence and strategy. We know that in order to most effectively help those around us, we have to look after our own selves first. Without this continuous self care and attention, few leaders will perform as highly as those who made the connection and sought help because as all good leaders know, learning never ends.

Life Coaching

For some people, the transformation they achieved through us had been targeted specifically at work, while for others, the changes that they’d been searching for were far broader. Although a broader need requires a broader set of skills, by utilising Online Therapies, you now have access to some of the most skilled and flexibly minded coaches in the country.

Is stress eating you up? Is there too much to do? Are you uncertain about direction? Whatever the nature and manner of your problems, your life coach will have likely seen and transformed similar problems before. Being on the inside of a problem can make the problem feel unresolvable. It’s when a professional with the right combination of experience, manner and skill can provide you with the missing pieces that solve the puzzle and give you a clear path with the best frame of mind and the knowhow to become the empowered force you were born to be.

2 month – Coaching Package

Our transformational coaching package has been created for those of you who have been seeking the comprehensive shift in life and are ready for the commitment needed to ensure that with your coach, you can focus on the breadth and depth for deep core transformation. The package is set to 8 sessions and while the main focus is to strengthen the roots of change, the price per session also works out better as well, valued with a 10% discount per session when you sign up for the 2-month coaching package. Sessions are 1 week apart with communication by email between sessions so that momentum is built and as sessions progress, each success is built on the foundations of last week’s developments.