Build Confidence and Self Esteem

What is self-esteem? Self-esteem is someone’s sense of personal worth or value. Confidence is someone’s sense in their own abilities. For many of us, early life experiences have left a damaging mark on how we feel, and this creates a ripple effect that causes overcompensation and destructive behaviors, like people pleasing, shying away from opportunities or being overly sensitive. “If I’m no value, what can I do about it?” These damaging thoughts and beliefs can be changed by getting to the root of the cause and/or re-imprinting a far more positive and realistic self-perception.

Healthy confidence and self-esteem come later and the effects on your life will be like unlocking a healthy sense of self, and you will gain the freedom to live your life as you desire and deserve. To find out more about Online Therapies sessions and what to expect, arrange a no obligation and totally free of charge telephone consultation for your best therapy solution. Contact us on 0203 715 1038 and speak to a specialist correspondent directly.

Overcome Anxiety and Relieve stress

When anxiety strikes, we can often feel all alone. Surprisingly, 1 in 5 people suffer from anxiety so it’s no surprise that this is the most common area of mental illness and therapy for anxiety has become commonplace. No one method is perfect which is why the ideal situation for any person seeking help is to find a place that has enough flexibility to tailor an approach that most closely suits your circumstances. Online counselling and therapy provide people with access to therapists who, while may be the most ideally suited to their needs, are far away.

You’ll be free from anxiety and free to enjoy life in a much calmer way, able to handle the difficulties from day to day and ensure that instead of life getting the better of you, with the support of Online Therapies experienced professionals, you’ll get the most from life. To find out more about therapy sessions and what to expect, arrange a no obligation and totally free of charge telephone consultation for your best step forward. Contact us on 0203 715 1038 and speak to a specialist correspondent directly.

Managing anger

Anger can stem from unwanted feelings of hurt or unfair treatment, either to ourselves or others.

People who struggle with anger can be stereotyped unfairly as uncaring or un-thoughtful when in reality, anger can often stem from a sense of injustice that matters a lot to the sufferer of anger. The difficulties arise when a person’s misinterpretation of events or lack of experience in handling unwanted feelings get the better of them.

Anger is an emotion that is often used unconsciously to protect a person from other feelings like shame or fear and unlike anxiety and look out for that person in perhaps the only way they feel like they know how. The feeling can be momentarily empowering but unhelpful in reality.

There is no need for shame, not only because we are all programmed to feel how we feel, but also because change is possible. Focus forward and you can find the help that you want. If I or anyone were in your mind and body, with your life experiences and your brain, we would do exactly as you would in any given situation.

One of the reasons why Online Therapies have been so successful in helping people to experience dramatic transformations in how they overcome anger, is because we work at both a conscious and unconscious level and although some conversations can be a challenge, our clients always get the respect they deserve.

Using a mixture of different counselling tools and techniques, we incorporate a successful approach to cure anger for our clients and for the people whose lives that our clients want to make better because of our client’s decision to improve.

To find out more about therapy sessions and what to expect, arrange a no obligation and totally free of charge telephone consultation for your best therapy solution. Contact Online Therapies on 0203 715 1038 and speak to a specialist correspondent directly.

Overcoming Jealousy

Jealousy is one of the worst emotions that people can experience. A sense of losing someone so close that losing them to someone else feels unbearable.

Jealousy and insecurity can often go hand in hand with a combination of difficult thoughts and feelings that often lead to shying away or being overly domineering in a relationship.

Therapy for jealousy can help a person to regain their sense of self confidence, perspective and cultivate a steady approach to relationships. With Online Therapies, our approach is tailored to each person’s individual needs, as long as they’re committed.

To find out more about therapy sessions and what to expect, arrange a no obligation and totally free of charge telephone consultation for your best therapy solution. Contact us on 0203 715 1038 and speak to a specialist correspondent directly.

Couples Counselling

Although the early days of a relationship can begin strong and even passionate, time and mistakes can impact the trust and closeness and that takes 3 components to heal: time, intention and expertise. Couples counselling will provide that help with fresh and welcomed perspective and support.

What happens as feelings of dissatisfaction and resentment grow? What are the ways to resolve a lack of sexual interest or growing sense of distance between the two of you? Among other signs, these are some that should be enough to contact Online Therapies and enable the relationship to make the necessary nudges to steer the relationship back on to the desired course.

With the support of one of our online relationship therapists, your marriage or relationship can return to what it once was or grow into something different and even more special. As conflicts get the better of us, stress, worry, anxiety, frustration and anger can result with the bond we have with our partners. When the root causes are left unaddressed, it becomes overly difficult to rebuild the trust that’s needed.

When you are looking for couples counselling, you want to be in a safe and familiar environment. You also need to know that our therapist who works with you on your relationship has both the expertise and credentials that are needed to fully transition you through to a better stage of your paths. Most importantly you’ll need someone with the unconditional positive regard needed to handle sometimes complex and sensitive subjects.


As you select your therapist, knowing that you’ll choose someone you can trust, now is the time to learn for yourself what the way forward is going to be. Just by booking an appointment, you’ll be beginning to resolve and improve what is most dear to you. That deserves respect. To make your initial booking with Online Therapies, contact us at 0203 715 1038 and tell us who you would like to see.

Children’s Counselling

Counselling for children and teens can often be a comfortable and collaborative process. Mostly, children are 7 years of age and above, and vary in how easy they find it to discuss what’s been troubling them. That’s where the flexibility and reliability of our professionals comes in. With plenty of experience behind them, Online Therapies’s Children’s Counsellors will know how to work with the different personalities that cross our paths.

Preferring to make counselling a short-term treatment (often 6-20 sessions), we will illuminate and elucidate the ways that a person’s mind works, and in an open and fun way. It’s often said that counselling for children can cause a growth spurt in emotional intelligence and self-awareness that wouldn’t come about had they not been given access to a highly competent professional.

During online counselling sessions, your child is privy to the education and self understanding that makes negative emotions far less cumbersome to tackle and positive mindsets easier to identify and approach. The components of these methods are simple when broken down into easy-to-understand layered chunks that enable young people to build confidence, maturity and resilience towards life’s challenges.

Therapy can be provided for a variety of difficulties such as aggression, disobedience, attention and hyperactivity disorders, depression, social skills problems, social anxiety and any other form of anxiety. For some young people, the challenge can be adjusting to divorce or educational or social problems. Children’s therapy will provide your child the opportunity to finally get to speak freely one-on-one with an expert.

Online counselling with children takes flexibility, creativity and lots of metaphors to make the learning process a breeze. Counselling will involve skill building and the constant reducing of emotional distress and psychological symptoms by changing the way a person interprets events and perceives themselves.

Developing skills and strategies for life, while being able to set aside past worries or frustrations is what our young clients can look to expect. This is because as a young person, your child will learn how to handle life with greater resilience and calm. The best way to learn how to get what you want for them is to call us directly on 0203 715 1038 or leave an enquiry on our enquiry form.


Grieving is a learning process for how to live a life that has changed against our wishes. When a loved one passes away, or a partnership ends, we can be confronted to relearn how to be. With time we reinterpret and relearn about the world around us, sometimes positively and beneficially and sometimes not. Faced with managing painful feelings and emotions and tasked with the responsibility to pick oneself back up again, grief and loss can be energy sapping.

Even though the grieving process is natural and that includes coping methods that can help, about 1 in 10 of us suffer from a cluster of grief symptoms that are so unrelenting and seemingly unresponsive to time that treatment becomes a necessary option as outside help puts these symptoms in the appropriate place. Sometimes lasting years following death, symptoms include longing for the loved one who has passed away; guilt; obsessive thoughts and images about the deceased; being preoccupied with the circumstances of the death; disbelief; and the inability to enjoy life’s meaningful moments.

Talking in confidence, one to one with one of our experienced professionals about the nature and the meaning of your loss of a crucial relationship (and secondary losses like change in status, role, and financial situation) can assist you in processing the personal turmoil of grief so that you can move forward.

With the help of Online Therapies, many people have been able to move past even the most emotionally difficult of times in their lives. Feeling a sense of hope, future, consolation, peace and optimism, our clients can live once again. This, as we know, doesn’t mean we diminished the person who has passed or did them wrong by moving on. We can and still do love those whom we lost. With Online Therapies, you won’t return back to where you were before the bereavement but instead you will move through the dark tunnel into a brighter future on the other side. Contact Online Therapies for our most suitable counsellors and therapists on 0203 715 1038.


The symptoms of depression can appear very different for different people. Apathy, lethargy, sadness and guilt are often connected with depression. Many people with depression just try to push through their emotions while others feel like they’re collapsing under its weight.

The many symptoms that may be easier to ignore are no less important to acknowledge and treat. Many “successful” people in the UK may hide their sadness or other feelings. The are many other symptoms of depression like a lack of interest and hopelessness.

Normally we consider depression as an illness that slows us down. However, high energy emotions like anxiety and anger can also show the signs of depression.

Depression is incredibly common in the UK. Depression causes more disability in the UK than almost anything else. As annoying as it can be to hear someone say it, you aren’t alone in this.

Depression treatment can help you get out of bed, feel better, and reengage your life again. Slowly over time, with the help of Online Therapies, you can reduce your negative thinking, feelings of loneliness, anxiety, sadness, guilt, shame and what’s just as important, get you to change your behaviours and the way you live. If you’re struggling get out of bed, go to work, socialize, or handle your personal responsibilities, Online Therapies therapists could help you begin to live your life again with a real and pleasant positivity. Contact us on 0203 715 1038 to discover how to make this change.


Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is when a person experiences obsessive thoughts connected to fears of becoming contaminated, hurt, or hurting others. These obsessions steer people towards different compulsions aimed at relieving anxieties from the OCD.

OCD is one of the most debilitating mental illness and while 1/50 people suffer from this condition in the UK at any one time, for sufferers, life can feel like a lonely place. Some physical compulsions include excessive handwashing or showering, using hand sanitizer excessively, avoiding crowded spaces, or frequently changing one’s clothes. 

A person may spend hours looking online for diseases and illnesses and how to prevent contamination. People with OCD may also fear that thinking or speaking about the obsession will contaminate them or make the danger more likely.

Just as people with OCD are often looking for certainty, at Online Therapies, we are too. That’s why we use only the most tried and tested approaches that make overcoming OCD a realistic future. To join the ranks of people who can now call OCD a thing of the past, contact Online Therapies on 0203 715 1038.

Alcohol and other addictions

Not everyone who comes to see us for alcohol addiction wants to stop completely. Not everyone who needs to end a cocaine addiction or gambling addiction knows how to end the vicious cycle. However, one thing all our clients have in common is the recognition that the cycle of addiction needs to end otherwise their life and wellbeing will literally go down the drain.

Hypnotherapy and NLP are so effective at ending alcohol abuse because it targets the deep subconscious elements of the mind where the brain makes automatic associations and connections that ensure an automatic, nervous system-based repulsion for cocaine, alcohol of whichever the drug of choice has been.

For those who want to temper their alcohol and become a measured, occasional or social drinker, this is entirely possible, and the process does not need to be all or nothing with Online Therapies. To arrange a no obligation and totally free of charge telephone consultation for your best therapy solution, contact us directly on 0203 715 1038 and speak to a specialist correspondent directly.