Counselling for children and teens can often be a comfortable and collaborative process. Mostly, children are 7 years of age and above, and vary in how easy they find it to discuss what’s been troubling them. That’s where the flexibility and reliability of our professionals comes in. With plenty of experience behind them, Online Therapies’s Children’s Counsellors will know how to work with the different personalities that cross our paths.

Preferring to make counselling a short-term treatment (often 6-20 sessions), we will illuminate and elucidate the ways that a person’s mind works, and in an open and fun way. It’s often said that counselling for children can cause a growth spurt in emotional intelligence and self-awareness that wouldn’t come about had they not been given access to a highly competent professional.

During online counselling sessions, your child is privy to the education and self understanding that makes negative emotions far less cumbersome to tackle and positive mindsets easier to identify and approach. The components of these methods are simple when broken down into easy-to-understand layered chunks that enable young people to build confidence, maturity and resilience towards life’s challenges.

Therapy can be provided for a variety of difficulties such as aggression, disobedience, attention and hyperactivity disorders, depression, social skills problems, social anxiety and any other form of anxiety. For some young people, the challenge can be adjusting to divorce or educational or social problems. Children’s therapy will provide your child the opportunity to finally get to speak freely one-on-one with an expert.

Online counselling with children takes flexibility, creativity and lots of metaphors to make the learning process a breeze. Counselling will involve skill building and the constant reducing of emotional distress and psychological symptoms by changing the way a person interprets events and perceives themselves.

Developing skills and strategies for life, while being able to set aside past worries or frustrations is what our young clients can look to expect. This is because as a young person, your child will learn how to handle life with greater resilience and calm. The best way to learn how to get what you want for them is to call us directly on 0203 715 1038 or leave an enquiry on our enquiry form.