Anger can stem from unwanted feelings of hurt or unfair treatment, either to ourselves or others.

People who struggle with anger can be stereotyped unfairly as uncaring or un-thoughtful when in reality, anger can often stem from a sense of injustice that matters a lot to the sufferer of anger. The difficulties arise when a person’s misinterpretation of events or lack of experience in handling unwanted feelings get the better of them.

Anger is an emotion that is often used unconsciously to protect a person from other feelings like shame or fear and unlike anxiety, it can feel empowering in the moment.

There is no need for shame, not only because we are all programmed to feel how we feel, but also because change is possible. If I or anyone were in your mind and body, with your life experiences and your brain, we would do exactly as you would in any given situation.

One of the reasons why Online Therapies have been so successful in helping people to experience dramatic transformations in how they achieve genuine anger management is because we work at both a conscious and unconscious level and although some conversations can be a challenge, our clients always get the respect that every human deserves.

Using a mixture of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistics Programming and the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, we incorporate a successful approach to cure anger for our clients and the people around them.

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I found it really relaxing

I found it really relaxing. I started seeing the changes. Also people around me noticed. With Danny I get along well as a person. When you know someone and you get along well with them you can trust them and when you trust them you can let go of yourself and show them the real you. I think it’s all to his ability in what he does.


I was dreading coming but Danny put me at ease

I was dreading coming but Danny put me at ease. It was calming and that’s when I realized perhaps this is something I should have done a long time ago. The first thing from the first session that we had that stuck with me wasn’t even a methodology or teachings of how to deal with things but just how attentively he listened and that’s the one thing that made me trust Danny enough to open up. After the final session it was just phenomenal. I’d laid my demons to rest and I’d had an opportunity to live my life how I wanted to and not be driven by something that wasn’t me.