The symptoms of depression can appear very different for different people. Apathy, lethargy, sadness and guilt are often connected with depression. Many people with depression just try to push through their emotions while others feel like they’re collapsing under its weight.

The many symptoms that may be easier to ignore are no less important to acknowledge and treat. Many “successful” people in the UK may hide their sadness or other feelings. The are many other symptoms of depression like a lack of interest and hopelessness.

Normally we consider depression as an illness that slows us down. However, high energy emotions like anxiety and anger can also show the signs of depression.

Depression is incredibly common in the UK. Depression causes more disability in the UK than almost anything else. As annoying as it can be to hear someone say it, you aren’t alone in this.

Depression treatment can help you get out of bed, feel better, and reengage your life again. Slowly over time, with the help of Online Therapies, you can reduce your negative thinking, feelings of loneliness, anxiety, sadness, guilt, shame and what’s just as important, get you to change your behaviours and the way you live. If you’re struggling get out of bed, go to work, socialize, or handle your personal responsibilities, Online Therapies therapists could help you begin to live your life again with a real and pleasant positivity. Contact us on 0203 715 1038 to discover how to make this change.