Once upon a time 60% of the population smoked. On average, out of a group of 5 friends, 3 were smokers. Now, in the USA, UK and most developed countries, on average that last smoker in the group of 5 friends desperately wants to stop. Smoking is no longer cool and people know it. A pack of cigarettes is no longer £5 (and even then it was too expensive) and the health implications demonstrate smoking to be the single worst lifestyle behavior with the exception of hard drugs. We know this, so why can it be so difficult for some people to quit smoking?

The secret is not something that can be understood fully until you leave your Hypnotherapy session. That’s right….Session. For most people, even after decades of smoking, stopping smoking can be achieved in only one session. For those who take a little longer, imagine overcoming smoking after years in only 2 or 3 sessions. This is no miracle, but simple psychology and is often the reason why so many people retrain to hypnotherapy careers. In fact, the process is so successful, hypnotherapy is now the single most effective way to stop smoking. If you spend £12 per day, calculate how long until the money you spend with Online Therapies would be regained.

The process is enlightening, relaxing and the most effective way to quit smoking and return to your natural state as a happy healthy non smoker. To arrange a no obligation and totally free of charge telephone consultation for your best therapy solution, contact us directly on 0203 715 1038 and speak to a specialist correspondent directly.

I remember thinking Danny was so lovely

I remember thinking Danny was so lovely, he made me feel so relaxed. The process was a really good one a really positive one. And I came out and I threw my cigarettes in the bin and it wasn’t difficult…that’s the really lovely thing about it, it was really easy. He’s just very warm. He’s truly interested in helping people. From a psychologist’s point of view I could see he got right to the core of the issues. I found him easy to talk to, he got it right and I walked out thinking I want to give this man a hug.


In the last year when I haven’t been smoking

In the last year when I haven’t been smoking I haven’t even been thinking about smoking. I feel so much more relaxed now than when I smoked. Danny was really good at understanding what different excuses you use and what the fears are that stop you from stopping smoking. The way he got me to see how I was fooling myself; that helped a lot. A couple of my friends came for hypnotherapy after they saw how easy it was for me.


I’d smoked for over 10 years

I’d smoked for over 10 years…and I could never imagine myself living any sort of life without smoking. After I left the room…I felt like a brand new person. I didn’t think about cigarettes; I didn’t crave them. I just felt brand new and really eager to start living my life without my smoking addiction.