Amy Cohen

Are you stuck in a job that is great on paper, but isn’t working for you anymore? Do you want to feel empowered to change your career into something more YOU? Do you want to feel satisfied & motivated everyday?

Instead, you’ve been doing a job that you just fell into, that served a purpose for a while and pays the bills. You haven’t given yourself the real time in your busy life to consider what you’d like to do instead & what would truly make you happy?

Amy proudly coaches’ men and women, who’s current job does not satisfy them anymore and people who are looking to step the next steps forward for their lives and need help figuring it out. Amy also works with those that have been out of work &know that now is the time to take.

If this sounds like you, don’t hesitate. Reach out today for a no strings attached consultation.

Having also done this work herself,Amy understands the challenges & uncertainty you feel. She also knows that this process can transform your life. You will gain the confidence & clarity on who you truly are, the direction you want to go in and take the steps towards your vision for the future. After coaching with Amy, you will feel empowered to create a life that’s true to your heart and find the path that’s right for you. You will leave with the confidence to make it all happen.

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