Danny Rosenberg

Working as a therapist in Victoria, Regents Park and Liverpool Street for nearly a decade, Danny Rosenberg found that he wanted to improve the counselling element of his work and began Online Therapies. The talking aspect of therapy is often the most valuable. Over time, Danny found that working online to be just as helpful (if not, more so than face to face) for people to experience all the benefits of counselling while in a familiar and safe environment. The comfort and familiarity when seeing him from their homes gave Danny’s clients something unquantifiable which enabled them to talk even more freely. Not having to travel to see a therapist meant that people didn’t arrive (as) stressed and didn’t have to travel immediately after.

Danny realised that with enough care and attention, success rates could skyrocket.Now, instead of having only himself as an option for clients, Danny, with his knowledge and experience has selected a team of excellent, qualified, understanding and diverse therapists to be able to ensure that everyone who needed help could be paired with the most suitable, hand-picked therapist for them.

Online Therapies; a way for experts to be paired with clients who they’re most ideally suited to see. By gaining access to Online Therapies, people now gain access to therapists that would otherwise be out of reach. Now with the select group of therapists, Danny can help more people to find the perfect match.

Elsa “Simply the best, He made me to relax in a very different way to the way to experience this is to book a session with Dan”

Paul “It was a good experience working with online therapies”

Sophie “Danny has been amazing over the years! Very patient and kind.”

Jack “The unique thing in working with Danny is in the range of therapies he is able to provide, thus you really feel that he is treating the whole person – I would highly recommend his holistic approach which helped provide new healing insight into my life.”

Katy “Danny is incredible! A Fairy Godfather if you will. He has helped me to overcome certain hurdles that I never thought would be possible.
He’s a great listener and I most definitely recommend him! Hypnotherapy is something that should not be overlooked it has completely changed my life. Thank you, Danny!”

Diana “I was really happy with my sessions with Danny, he was very personable and made me feel at ease. I felt comfortable talking to him from the get-go and although sceptical about the hypnotherapy, I found that after only 2 sessions with him I was well on the way to beating my issue. I’m happy to say that 2 years on and I’ve not had problems dealing with that issue again. Very happy customer!”

Niaby “I’m so grateful to Danny for helping me to break through my fear of public speaking. Through both hypnotherapy and attending his public speaking course, I found that I was finally able to start breaking through the barriers that I had created for myself on this subject. Danny is kind, caring, understanding and recognises that working at a pace that is right for you is imperative. I thoroughly recommend him.”

Leanne “When I first came to see Danny, I was a woman in her mid 20s who suffered horrible anxiety and panic attacks in social situations, and I was just about to go travelling for 6 months. Something needed to change. I felt very comfortable talking to Danny and I honestly don’t know what I was expecting from the treatment, but I couldn’t be happier with the results. I had a couple of sessions and there was no ‘eureka’ moment, I just felt better! It continued to a point where I realised, I hadn’t had an attack in a long time, and I still haven’t to this day. I can’t recommend highly enough, Danny worked wonders for me.”

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