Danny Rosenberg

Working as a Hypnotherapist and practitioner of NLP for 7 years in Victoria, Regents Park and Liverpool Street, Danny Rosenberg found that he wanted to improve the counselling element of his work. This is because the talking aspect of therapy is often the most valuable. Over time, Danny found this and working online to be so helpful for people to experience all the benefits of counselling while in a familiar and safe environment. The comfort and familiarity when seeing him from their homes gave Danny’s clients something unquantifiable which enabled them to talk even more freely. Not having to travel to see a therapist meant that people didn’t arrive (as) stressed and didn’t have to travel immediately after.

Now, instead of selling himself, Danny, with his knowledge and experience has selected a team of excellent, qualified, understanding and diverse therapists to be able to ensure that everyone who needed help could be paired with the most suitable, hand-picked therapist for them. Danny realised that with enough care and attention, success rates could skyrocket.

That’s when Danny Rosenberg began Online Therapies; a way for experts to be paired with clients who they’re most ideally suited to with a professional recommendation. Instead of going to the nearest guy down the road or another therapist who will only suggest themselves, Online Therapies brings in the people who we would recommend, the people who have the range of knowledge, manner and approach to cater to virtually anyone and at the highest standard. By gaining access to Online Therapies, people now gain access to therapists that would otherwise be out of reach. Now with the select group of therapists, Danny is able to help more people to find the perfect match.

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