Hypnotherapy and NLP

Sometimes it may feel like there’s another part of you who makes you feel and do things you know aren’t right. By using hypnotherapy, you can communicate directly with the part of your mind that controls how you feel and your responses that have been automatic. It’s like we open the gate to that part of your mind, allowing your habits and emotions to be transformed with ease. Would you like to feel differently about something but can’t seem to make it happen? Hypnotherapy could be ideal for you. It’s safe, effective, very enjoyable, and you’re in control the entire time.

Does your imagination sometimes run away with itself? What if your thoughts and images were something you could take control over? NLP is the science and art of communication with ourselves. With a vast array of tools and techniques that you can learn, NLP can help anyone to take more control of their mental and emotional state at any moment of the day. Would you like to change how you feel when you picture that thing you fear or crave so much? NLP can help you achieve this. It’s quick, easy and enormously empowering.

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Not everyone who comes to see us for alcohol addiction wants to stop completely. Not everyone who needs to end a cocaine addiction or gambling addiction knows how to end the vicious cycle. However, one thing all our clients have in common is the recognition that the cycle of addiction needs to end otherwise their life and wellbeing will literally go down the drain.


Early events can and do create fears and phobias for millions of people, none more so than animals. For some, their neighbour’s dog gave a worrying growl. For another, an early experience with a particular 8 legged and harmless creature (Australia excluded) made an older sibling scream in terror and as the fear brushed off, the memory lasted deep in the unconscious mind. The neurology behind any animal phobia


Anxiety has begun to spread throughout society and now, approximately 10% of the population experience anxiety at any one moment in time. In short, you’re not alone.Experiencing anxiety in any form can have serious negative impact on anybody’s life. From work, to relationships and homelife, negative thoughts and uncomfortable feelings can leave us feeling far less fulfilled and life far less enjoyable.


What is self-esteem? Self-esteem is someone’s sense of personal worth or value. Confidence is someone’s sense in the own abilities. For many of us, early life experiences have left a damaging mark on how we feel and this creates a ripple effect that causes overcompensation and destructive behaviors, like people pleasing, shying away from opportunities or being overly sensitive.


Although driving did not exist at the time that our brains evolved, it is entirely natural for anyone to feel comfortable and confident either behind the wheel of a car or in the passenger seat. For most of our clients, the fear is on the motorways and began with a single moment of panic or incident that left an unnecessary mark that is simple to overcome


We’ve all experienced a sense of healthy fear at some point in our lives. A fear of heights, although only natural can be debilitating for anyone who wants to work in an office, go on holiday or any situation that has become all too common in the modern age. To cure a fear of heights with hypnotherapy, all you need is the willingness to book your appointment


A fear of public speaking is the single most common fear in the world, and with businesses requiring presentations more frequently, and speaking to groups of people at work or socially becoming a normal part of life, how much more debilitating can a fear of public speaking be? Do not fear. Due to this fear being the most common out there


Flying has become a normal part of our modern lives. So it’s understandable when fear becomes so paralyzing that a holiday or distant relative cannot be visited. For something that requires little to no effort, for some people sitting on the seat of an airplane has become a monumental barrier that feels impenetrable to overcome. A flying phobia can start at any age, from seeing a parent suffer their own panic attacks on a flight


Hypnobirthing is a method for anxiety and pain management before and during labour and delivery of a new birth. Using a combination of tools and techniques that your hypnotherapist will use with and for you and then later teach you, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to ensure that your pregnancy and child’s birth run smoothly, painlessly and become one to remember for only the good.


People who struggle with anger can be stereotyped unfairly as uncaring or un-thoughtful when in reality, anger can often stem from a sense of injustice that matters a lot to the sufferer of anger. The difficulties arise when a person’s misinterpretation of events or lack of experience in handling unwanted feelings get the better of them.


You wouldn’t expect a therapist to admit that you have every reason to hate hospitals, dentists or needles. The experiences people have are never naturally pleasant. This makes sense. However, I have some good news for you. With hypnotherapy, Needle Phobias and similar phobias like a fear of dentists have never been easier to overcome.


Children have the wildest imaginations and their fears and phobias are often far more varied than adults. As we grow up, we often drop many of our fears and acquire new ones in adulthood. Fears of wallpaper and wooly jumpers subside (as long as parents don’t make a fuss about it) while fears of airplanes and dogs only become more engrained as time continues.


Jealousy is one of the worst emotions that people can experience. A sense of impending loss of someone so close that losing them to someone else feels unbearable.Jealousy and insecurity can often go hand in hand with a combination of difficult thoughts and feelings that often lead either to shying away of being overly domineering in a relationship.


When chronic pain simply won’t go away, and the drugs stop working unless the dose continues to increase, there are few places more appropriate than Online Therapies. Hypnotherapy and NLP are so exceptionally effective at helping people to handle physical sensations that we no longer call it pain…in fact, it’s not. Pain becomes sensations and depending on the situation, the sensations become numb.


Once upon a time 60% of the population smoked. On average, out of a group of 5 friends, 3 were smokers. Now, in the USA, UK and most developed countries, on average that last smoker in the group of 5 friends desperately wants to stop. Smoking is no longer cool and people know it. A pack of cigarettes is no longer £5 (and even then it was too expensive) and the health implications


When we’re stressed, our nervous system switches to the fight or flight mode. This is a natural part of our evolution and serves to keep us safe. When this happens, blood leaves the digestive system and goes to the muscles just incase we need to fight or flight. When we’re chronically stressed, our digestive system doesn’t get the full treatment it needs and this can leave us with knots in the stomach, so to speak.


We’ve all had trouble sleeping at times but when we’re chronically under rested, everything in life is hurt. Insomnia occurs when the brain is unable to switch into rest mode or maintain the brain wave states needed for a deep and refreshing sleep. The worst thing that can be said to an insomniac is “try to sleep”. When we “Try” to sleep, our brain stays alert


We’re surrounded by junk food. It’s become almost intimidating. This, combined with eating being an essential and hard wired pleasurable part of life has made combating obesity and excess body fat not easy. Your life may be sedentary and natural feelings of stress, boredom or even joy may trigger a life long connection to fat and sugar and before you know it

I’m just emailing to let you know how my dentist appointment went yesterday.

I’m just emailing to let you know how my dentist appointment went yesterday. So usually I would have been really nervous for the whole day, and then I would have worked myself up to a complete mess by the time I get there – making myself feel sick and faint. Yesterday however, I was not nervous at all in the day (which is unusual as I was off of work so I had nothing to keep my mind busy with). When I arrived at the dentist, I started to get a bit worried, but the staff were really friendly so talking to them took my mind off of it. When my appointment started, I asked to have the numbing gel and if I could listen to music as I wanted to try everything that I could to ensure that I got through it. And thankfully, I did it! I was sceptical beforehand as to whether it would work as i’ve never tried hypnosis before and I don’t know anyone else who has. However, I can definitely confirm that I felt a hell of a lot calmer than I did before, which meant that I managed to get the whole appointment done without feeling nauseous or faint – YAY! I’d like to say a massive thank you for all of your hard work, time and effort that you put into the sessions. Keep up the good work!


I found it really relaxing

I found it really relaxing. I started seeing the changes. Also people around me noticed. With Danny I get along well as a person. When you know someone and you get along well with them you can trust them and when you trust them you can let go of yourself and show them the real you. I think it’s all to his ability in what he does.


When I first met danny he seemed like a pretty

When I first met danny he seemed like a pretty likable sort of person. Danny’s quite a varied practitioner because he uses several different forms (techniques). It definitely helped me cut down on my drinking and my eating. You have to trust the person and the environment but yes, everybody should try it.


I had so much anxiety all the time about spiders

I had so much anxiety all the time about spiders. When I first came in I didn’t really know what to expect but Danny was really welcoming. I had 2 sessions with danny and I felt so relaxed after I’d left. I think Danny’s such a good therapist because he’s very friendly, very warm, he makes you very relaxed and he listens to you…and I think he genuinely cares as well.


I remember thinking Danny was so lovely

I remember thinking Danny was so lovely, he made me feel so relaxed. The process was a really good one a really positive one. And I came out and I threw my cigarettes in the bin and it wasn’t difficult…that’s the really lovely thing about it, it was really easy. He’s just very warm. He’s truly interested in helping people. From a psychologist’s point of view I could see he got right to the core of the issues. I found him easy to talk to, he got it right and I walked out thinking I want to give this man a hug.


In the last year when I haven’t been smoking

In the last year when I haven’t been smoking I haven’t even been thinking about smoking. I feel so much more relaxed now than when I smoked. Danny was really good at understanding what different excuses you use and what the fears are that stop you from stopping smoking. The way he got me to see how I was fooling myself; that helped a lot. A couple of my friends came for hypnotherapy after they saw how easy it was for me.


Dealing with it on your own is not easy and not everyone understands it

Dealing with it on your own is not easy and not everyone understands it. I have learnt through the therapy that I am stronger than I think. I like to call him my fairy godfather. He’s just lovely; he made everything so much easier. I couldn’t have asked for a better person really.


I was struggling with confidence

I was struggling with confidence. I came to see Danny and my next two appearances (exams) have been so much more confident in the chair and my delivery of an answer. If I’m truthfully honest I didn’t think that any of it would work… I have to say that when I left the first session I felt 10 feet tall. I do believe in myself a lot more. My wife even said that I’m a different person. It’s made me a better person. It was fantastic and I know it’s worked for me


Danny was very welcoming and he made me very really relaxed

Danny was very welcoming and he made me very really relaxed. I felt leaving the session that I’d started to sort the problem out. I left with more confidence that I would get back to at least somewhere where I had been. My advice to anyone who’s going through performance challenges or who’s had a knock in their confidence is to talk to Danny. The biggest take away for me has been to regain the self-belief.


I was dreading coming but Danny put me at ease

I was dreading coming but Danny put me at ease. It was calming and that’s when I realized perhaps this is something I should have done a long time ago. The first thing from the first session that we had that stuck with me wasn’t even a methodology or teachings of how to deal with things but just how attentively he listened and that’s the one thing that made me trust Danny enough to open up. After the final session it was just phenomenal. I’d laid my demons to rest and I’d had an opportunity to live my life how I wanted to and not be driven by something that wasn’t me.


I’d smoked for over 10 years

I’d smoked for over 10 years…and I could never imagine myself living any sort of life without smoking. After I left the room…I felt like a brand new person. I didn’t think about cigarettes; I didn’t crave them. I just felt brand new and really eager to start living my life without my smoking addiction.